Who defines your idea of success?  

By default, most people let their bosses, competitors, people they look up to, the media, trainers or motivational speakers define their success. When we follow others’ definitions of success, we develop unhealthy habits, destructive behaviors and toxic relationships. 

When you take your journey in someone else’s fabulous designer shoes that are 3 sizes smaller than your own feet, you may reach your goals but it will be painful.  And you won’t enjoy it.  

With Lindsey Litton coaching, you can break through that thinking and learn healthy ways of accomplishing YOUR goals so you can start living your destiny. It starts with you. 

Maximize this Moment

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Using proven team building, marketing, and business operations methods and systems, Lindsey Litton Co® clients build thriving businesses without sacrificing their happiness or family time. 



In record time, Lindsey was at the top of her profession, selling more houses than most and winning all the awards. She reached a level of success that was supposed to bring happiness along with the other rewards. Instead, she felt alone and burned out to the point of exhaustion. Despite feeling tired all the time, the urge to keep hustling was in overdrive. That is when she realized “the top” that everyone talked about didn’t match her definition of success. There had to be more. And she found it!


Real Results. Real Clients.

If you want to win the awards, I can help you get there. I’ll also share honest insights to what it takes, and the personal price you and your family will pay by following the traditional business models we all believe will get us to our definition of success. There’s a better way. -Lindsey Litton, Founder, Lindsey Litton Co®


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